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Grand Aston

“Contemporary and truly grand hotels committed to providing the highest international standards with a wide range of facilities and uncompromising service for demanding leisure travelers and time-pressed executives.”

Grand Aston
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The twenty-first century guest regards a five-star hotel as a luxury commodity, an opportunity to buy into a lifestyle to which he or she aspires. It is by understanding the origins of this demand for quality and style - and even status - that the function, design and intent of the exciting new Grand Aston Hotel can be properly put into context.

The choice of shapes, colors and materials help make a Grand Aston Hotel a special place where guests immediately feel at ease, reflecting Archipelago's commitment to impeccable detail in every trim and finish. In addition to meeting resistance, comfort and upkeep criteria, the materials, color combinations and textures also contribute to the end result-a pleasant, subdued, and restful atmosphere.

Grand Aston

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